Welcome to Dr Barbs Health 2017

Welcome to Dr Barbs Health 2017!

Are you tired of feeling tired?

Are sick of feeling sick?

Are you without a Doctor  or worse, with a Doctor who doesn’t listen, doesn’t care, is burned out by the system and demands, or is just sick as well?

This is a Simple Plain Old Barb Old Common Sense & Western Eastern Primitive Cultures approaches to problems Combined with the latest & greatest Mumbo-Jumbo!

Mix ‘n’Match!

Try ideas on….keep it if it works for you… discard it if it doesn’t!

Your body & mind & soul know how to heal themselves!!!

Dr Barbs Health 2017


  1. Doris Hart

    Dr’s today aren’t as attentive as they where in the past. I’ve seen so many. Sometimes alternative medicine is what is needed. Our body does talk to us we need to make a choice to listen to it or ignore it. 9 times out 10 our bodies know better than what doctors have to say.

    • admin

      Dear Doris;

      I am a Family Doctor of 30 years who gave it my all and then some!

      Now that I am ill with a “Mystery Illness” x 7 years, I am saddened to see where our Profession has fallen!

      There are still Doctors who truly care – watch out for them – I know I do!

      Dr Barb

      PS Agreed, your body knows how to heal itself!
      The doctor is just one small team member to add to your arsenal of healing!

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